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Noteworthy News

Team History
The Knight Stalkers were officially formed in May of 2004. In 2005, the team formed a partnership with a group of friends that have been playing alongside the Knight Stalkers for nearly a year. Those friends formed the sister team, OPFOR. The two teams continued to play together at scenarios all over the East Coast. In late 2005, the Knight Stalkers and OPFOR officially joined forces and merged into a single team. The result was the formation of a more diverse team now consisting of players with a wider range of talent and skill from various backgrounds within the sport. Although more diverse, we all share at least one enjoy the game and foster the growth of our sport. Today, the Knight Stalkers continue to play rec games in their home state of Maryland and scenario games wherever the sounds of conflict echo.

Team Philosophy
The Knight Stalkers are a team of dedicated operators who play stand-up scenario ball. We enjoy the open and realistic style of play scenarios offer and incorporate the real-world tactical training many of our members have received into our playing style. We seek to keep the spirit of the game alive by playing it where it was the woods. We consider ourselves ambassadors of this sport and seek to further its growth by encouraging safe, fair, and honest play and setting the example for the younger players who will carry the torch of this game on into the future.